December 2010, I decided to leave my job of 10-years as a Senior Budget Analyst to follow my passion. I wanted to work with middle and high school students in the DC Public School system. I started a company to provide after-school program to students. My goal was to teach Aikido to students as a tool to instill discipline, develop self-respect and to build their confidence. Two years into my project my ego got in the way, my plan started to fall apart and I hit rock bottom. My money ran out and I started to work odd jobs to make ends meet.

After reading the “Success Principle” by Jack Canfield I began to develop a plan to get back on my feet and find the stability and success I once enjoyed. That plan led to me creating the Goal Setting Workbook and Calendar, which includes a goal setting exercise to help me develop my plans for the year and a weekly calendar to help me manage my daily activities and align them with my plans.

Today, my plan has allowed me to continue to pursue my passion to work with high school students. Now, I am creating Goal Setting Workbooks and Calendars for high school students, college students and adults. In 2017, I customized Goal Setting Workbooks and Calendars for two high schools, one in New York and one in Virginia and one college, in Virginia.

My goal for 2018, is to customize Goal Setting Workbooks and Calendars for at least five high schools and three colleges and slowly expand every year.