Failure is a difficult pill to swallow, but once you accept the blame for your failure, it is easier to get back on the road to success.

GS Workbooks' Story

My name is Donavan Thomas and I want to thank you for viewing this website. Please purchase a goal setting planner today for yourself, your children (if you have) or a friend. December 2010, after 10-years of employment with the DC Council Budget Office as a Senior Budget Analyst, I decided to leave my job to follow my passion. I wanted to work with students in the DC Public School system with a focus on middle schools and high schools. My goal was to teach students the Japanese martial art of Aikido, which had significantly influenced my life. The goal was to use Aikido as a tool to help students become more discipline in school and life; have respect for themselves and others; and build their confidence.

I incorporated Limitless Possibility, LLC and became an authorized after-school service provider for DC Public Schools. I briefly taught Aikido at two middle schools but I could never secure the funding to fully operate the programs. Two years into the project my ego got in the way, my plan fell apart and I hit rock bottom. My money ran out and I started to work odd jobs to make ends meet. I did not plan to fail, but I did and I did not have a Plan B to fall back on.

Overcoming Failure

A friend realized I needed help and she suggested that I read the Success Principle by Jack Canfield. After reading the book I realized what I did wrong in my initial planning. Failure is a difficult pill to swallow, but once you accept the blame for your failures, it is easier to get back on the road to success. I was determined to get back on my feet and reestablished the success I once enjoyed.

November 2014, I began to develop a plan to get back on my feet, find stability and create the success I once enjoyed. This resulted in the first Goal Setting Workbook. The Goal Setting Workbook allowed me to set goals I want to achieve, develop a plan to achieve those goals, track my goals throughout the year and align my daily activities to achieve my goals.

Goal Setting Workbooks eventually developed into Goal Setting Workbooks and Calendars, LLC, which was incorporated in Washington, DC on May 10, 2017. Making goal setting planners have allowed me to continue to pursue my passion to work with students and now I can reach students beyond the District of Columbia. I make Weekly Goal Setting Planners for students in middle school, high school and college. I have customized goal setting planners for students in DC, New York and Virginia. I hope that parents and educators will use the goal setting planner to help students set goals they want to achieve in school and life.