Successful goal planning = Writing down your goals + Implementing your goals + Reviewing your goals!

Workbooks & Calendars

Our weekly goal setting calendars are easy to use and each calendar includes (1) a goal setting exercise, (2) a monthly calendar, and (3) a weekly calendar. Goal Setting Workbooks and Calendars make weekly goal setting calendars for high school students, college students and adults. For 2018-2019, we added a Spanish version of the High School Weekly Goal Setting Calendar for Grades 9 - 11.

Our workbooks and calendars are priced to fit your budget. Our weekly goal setting calendars range in price from $15 to $22.

8th Grade and High School Calendars

The 8th Grade Calendar was designed to encourage students to become goal oriented in order to maximize their 8th grade experience and prepare them for high school. The High School Calendar was designed to help student become goal oriented, prepare them to maintain a balance between school, their social life and prepare them for college or a job after high school.

Students are encouraged to use the calendar everyday and should discuss their schedule with a parent or guardian and seek assistance from their school Guidance Counselor. When used correctly, students will be able to see significant improvements in their grades.

Available by June 30th

2018 - 2019 8th Grade Weekly

Goal Setting Calendar


El Planificador Semanal de la

Escuela Secundaria 2018 - 2019

2018 - 2019 High School 

Weekly Goal Setting Calendar

2018 - 2019 College & Career

Workbook for High School Seniors

College Weekly Goal Setting Calendars

Studies show that the first two years of college can be challenging for many students. The College Weekly Goal Setting Calendar was designed to help college students overcome those challenges and successfully navigate their way through their freshman and sophomore years. We also make a College Weekly Calendar for Student Athletes. This was designed to help student athletes manage their academic and athletic schedule and be a productive and successful student.

Available by June 30th


Weekly Goal Setting Calendar for Adults

The Weekly Goal Setting Calendar was made specifically for adults and provides a four step process to help adults achieve their goals. Step 1: Write down all the goals you want to achieve for the year. Step 2: Prioritize your goals based on the level of importance you place on family, career, health, etc. From the prioritized list, select 3 goals you want to achieve now and develop a plan to achieve those goals. Step 3: Evaluate your goals every three months to see if you are on track to achieve your goals. Step 4: Track the progress of your goals and use the weekly planner to align your daily activities with achieving your goals

The Weekly Agenda Workbook was designed to use at work to help employees prioritize their weekly activities and increase their productivity. The Weekly Agenda Workbook includes a monthly calendar and a weekly agenda worksheet. It is simple and easy to use.

2018 Weekly Goal Setting Calendar

2018 Weekly Agenda Workbook